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Intro to SQL CLR

  • In-Person @ 1220 S. 630 E. American Fork, Utah, United States (map)
  • 15:00 - 17:00 Mountain Daylight Time
  • Language: English

Come to our monthly meeting to visit, network, ask questions and increase your knowledge and skill.  Details are below, see you there!

Featured Presentation:

Intro to SQL CLR

Donovan Heap

SQL Server functions and stored procedures written in SQL are a powerful tool, and in general writing them in SQL meets most (if not all) needs that you will come across. But there is the option of using the CLR (Common Language Runtime) in SQL server so you can write functions and stored procedures in a Managed Language (C#, VB.NET) while leveraging libraries, code and approaches from the .NET Framework to use code in a more OOP (Object Oriented Programming) model that SQL Server can then use. In this discussion we will go over the basics of the CLR, and some step by step guidance to get started, we will also discuss some possible scenarios/examples where using a managed language might be another tool in your toolbox and might help augment your SQL functionality, while also being pragmatic in its use. There will be some minimal C# shown and discussed, but the discussion group will not need to be familiar with it to gain insight into the SQL CLR. If you have interest in SQL Server, the SQL Server CLR, Managed Languages or would like to contribute your thoughts, please join us!

About Donovan:
I am a tech lover, been playing with computers since inheriting an older brothers collection of Atari games. Been professionally developing for 10+ years.




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