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SQL Idol!

  • In-Person @ 1220 S. 630 E. American Fork, Utah, United States (map)
  • 15:00 - 17:00 Mountain Daylight Time
  • Language: English

Come to our monthly meeting to visit, network, ask questions and increase your knowledge and skill.  Details are below, see you there!

Featured Presentation:

SQL Idol!

Pat Wright, Database Administrator Podium

Our user group meeting is Thursday, June 13th at 3:00 PM. This is a two-parter, continue reading to find out why! Welcome to SQL Idol! Our July user group meeting will consist of several of 10-15 minute lightning talks, on a variety of topics. Who is presenting? YOU ARE! Yes, I’m being serious. SQL Idol is crafted to help either those who haven’t spoken before, or those who haven’t done it for a while get their feet wet and get started speaking. It is less intimidating to prepare for a 10-15 minute session than it is a longer one, so if you’ve wanted to speak but haven’t had the time, now is your chance in a low-stress environment where everyone else is giving it a shot too. To get on the list for July, send an email to UtahSQL@gmail.com. To help us kick off the “Idol Season”, Pat Wright will be at our June meeting (next Thursday – 3:00 PM) with a presentation about speaking and community involvement. He will not only talk about how to prepare your presentation, he will explain how speaking can give your personal “brand” a boost. Abstract: This talk will go in depth on the key things you should work on when preparing and presenting a topic to a group of people (aka presenting at a user group/event). We will also discuss how best to interact with the community and why you should be more involved in your community. The TL:DR message is that you will have a better career, more money, more chances for future growth and of course you will gain Unicorns.

About Pat:
Pat Wright has been working in the DBA space for 10+ years. Focusing on Performance tuning and ETL/DW projects. He helped found the local SQL Users group(www.slcsql.com) and founded the Not For profit Organization Utah Geek Events(www.utahgeekevents.com) which was founded to help the local community put on events.




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