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Database Development Toolbelt

  • In-Person @ 1220 S. 630 E. American Fork, Utah, United States (map)
  • 15:00 - 17:00 Mountain Daylight Time
  • Language: English

**Please note that the Utah County meeting has moved to a new time and location.**

Time: Thursday August 16, 3:00 PM
Location: Henry Schein, American Fork
Arrival instructions: Enter through the East doors and check in with the security desk. The Wirig Conference Room is through the glass doors on your right after passing security.
Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/GQ7cmk1D8B22
Video showing one route to the building: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Annrr75usR_HGBflj-jq8X1omQbiRGgg


Come to our monthly meeting to visit, network, ask questions and increase your knowledge and skill.  Details are below, see you there!

Featured Presentation:

Database Development Toolbelt

Chad Crawford, Principal Database Engineer Henry Schein Practice Solutions

A cook can tell what spice is missing by sampling a single drop of soup, a mechanic can know what size wrench is needed just by looking at a bolt, and a potter can feel when his clay is perfectly centered as it spins on the wheel. Professionals develop their skills over time to the point where they intuitively recognize issues and know which solution to bring to bear - but gaining that skill takes time, experience and knowledge. In this session, a database developer and architect of 18 years will share powerful concepts and tools not usually taught to beginners, but frequently used by senior engineers to accomplish what used to seem impossible. We will demonstrate seven different techniques, including options for string splitting and concatenating, granting users access to instance level commands without sacrificing security, and pulling non-aggregate columns from a GROUP BY.

About Chad:
Chad Crawford is an MCM and Principal Database Engineer with 18 years' experience in database architecture, development and administration. He has worked in the manufacturing, health care and consulting industries, primarily focusing on design, performance, and high-availability of customer facing SAAS systems. He loves teaching and sharing new ideas, and created a custom training course that helped dozens of coworkers prepare for certification exams. He speaks regularly for users groups and SQL Saturday, and leads the Utah County SQL Users Group. When he isn’t optimizing a query or analyzing performance tests, you will find him running, tweaking a ham radio, or looking for a new strategy board game.




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